Hanley Town YDP


We are delighted to announce the launch of “Hanley Town Youth Development Programme”

Disillusioned with your child’s existing team?

Feel disconnected?

Feel it’s all one way, all take and no give?

Playing on poor standard of pitches?

Games always postponed?

False promises?

Need better engagement from ALL levels of your child’s club?

Want to feel a part of a true footballing set up with a first team pathway and age progression?

Then here we are.

We are delighted to announce a partnership with St Peter’s Academy Fenton, where we will receive exclusive access on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with use of both 3G and grass pitches for matches and training from 1st July 2023.

Never have a game called off due to the rain as we use the new start of the art 3G pitch.

Delighted to announce, St Peter’s have backed this project allowing the 3G surface to be re-laid prior to the season starting, meaning we will be one of the first to use the new state of the art 3G pitch at our new academy home.

We are also delighted to announce that we have appointed Garry Pearce as Head of YDP to oversee this very big transition.

Why HTYDP What makes Hanley Town different than any other junior section in Staffordshire you may ask?

Firstly we are an official link to the first team-with clear progression opportunities, not a side project, playing at the highest level of non league in the area.

Ryan Shotton, Ben Chapman andTim Sanders (first team management) have been instrumental in making our dream come to reality.

They have a vision and have set this in place very specifically.

Imagine every age group from the first team to U7s playing in the same kit, with the same sponsor- well imagine no more.

Every team will wear the same home and away kit as the first team with the same sponsor for the 2023/24 AND 2024/2025 season, after securing a record breaking 2 year sponsorship deal with KEN JERVIS KIA

Kits are already in production with fantastic new away colours for the 23/24 season.

Yes that’s right every child will receive a home and away kit for the season, no need to worry about sponsors, no need to worry about looking out of place.

Every manager will also receive a Hanley Town Hoodie – the same as the first team, again with ONE sponsor continuing that one true theme across the HTFC brand.

Every child will also receive a training top exactly the same as the first team, so that when we all train together we look as one.

When we host or attend tournaments with our teams, this will provide clear visibility of who Hanley Town YDP are.

One club-one clear identity- we maybe wrong but we believe no other club in the area has this, with the one sponsor throughout every team (Apologies if we are wrong)

Every team will have training sessions overseen by members of the first team over the course of the season.

We shall also be launching a new Hanley Town FC Saturday Morning Soccer School for ages 4-12, again from St Peter’s and ran by 1st team members and UEFA B badge holders. This will be open to ALL levels of ability,boys and girls.

You may ask where is the link stage from under 16s to the first team or even adult football.

We are integrating a floodlight league team for 16-19 years to create that clear stepping stone from youth to adult football.

We shall be running the following teams- all games and training sessions at St Peter’s Academy Fenton

Under 16 (Saturday)
Under 15 (Saturday) TAKEN
Under 14 ( Saturday)
Under 15 (Sunday)
Under 14 (Sunday) TAKEN
Under 12 (Sunday)
Under 10 (Sunday)
Under 9 (Sunday)
Under 8 (Sunday) TAKEN
Under 7 (Sunday)

Training schedule will be

1st July 2023 to 25th May 2024

U7 & U8 6-7 Wednesday
U9 & U10 6-7 Wednesday
U12 6-7 Wednesday

U14 Sun 7-8 Wednesday
U14 Sat 7-8 Wednesday
U15 Sun 7-8 Wednesday

U16 Saturday 7-8:30Thursday
U15 Saturday 7-8:30Thursday
First team 7-8:30 Thursday

All teams each on a third of the 3g pitch training SIDE BY SIDE at St Peter’s Academy- We have availability to increasing training times and days.

Making this a family- every team crossing over with each other from the under 7s all the way upto the first team, everyone will know each other and create that familiar family feel. Not ships passing in the night training and playing at various different venues over Staffordshire.

We will rotate training so everyone trains alongside the first team at least four times a season.- If the current time does not work for you – we will be adaptable with other teams and make sure we work it out together.

We are open to the potential of maybe 2 more teams, however no age group will have more than one team playing on the same day. we are running a true YDP not a money making exercise.

Come and be part of what will not only be the fastest growing true non league YDP in Staffordshire but the most affordable, with a clear structure and links to the first team.

Every team PLAYING and TRAINING TOGETHER from the same venue and not dotted all over Stoke on Trent.

Children and parents will receive fantastic offers during the season for first team match entry, with all kids free and parents just £5.

All players and parents offered free entry to our first home game of the season wearing their Hanley Town tops.

Mascot days for first team home fixtures, free use of clubhouse for end of season awards, plus much much more to be discussed and agreed clear transparency for all players and parents.

Discounted 1-2-1 training sessions with first team players.

It’s taken 2 years in the making but with an incredible support team and sponsors we are ready.

If you are interested in transferring your existing team or forming a new team or seek a trial for your child all enquiries in the strictest confidence to the following email



Due to the volume of emails please be patient, all will be answered within 5-7 days.

For transparency from age group 13 upwards we are looking for the best players/teams in the area to compete in the best leagues, especially on Saturdays. Come and challenge yourself. Rigorous pre season trials will be held.

For the under 12s and below the requirement is fun fun fun and no more, if we win great, if we don’t, it’s fine, let’s get the kids enjoying football before the competitive age kicks in.

12 and under it is all about health, well-being and social interaction prior to the step up to full size pitches at 13, however with a clear structure and development phase for your child to achieve the step up.

Come and be a part of something special, feel appreciated, a clear part of the football club and not just an add on.