Members Man of the Match (2019/2020)

1Aaron Woolrich (GK)-
2Tim SandersHanley Town
3Josh ThorpeHanley Town
4Jake VernonHanley Town
5Dean SmithHanley Town
6Chris BoastHanley Town
7Chris BudrysHanley Town
8Jon BirksHanley Town
9Jake AlcockHanley Town
10Martin StanyerHanley Town
11Oliver MellorHanley Town
12Gareth StanyerHanley Town
13Lewis DoughtyHanley Town
14Serkari AhmadiHanley Town
15Florin BalajelHanley Town
16Tim BarrassHanley Town
17Lewis BerginHanley Town
18Kallum BoyleHanley Town
19Ben Cortes-SmithHanley Town
20Jordan DarlingtonHanley Town
21Jordan HallHanley Town
22Jon HighamHanley Town
23Jon KapendHanley Town
24Alex LangridgeHanley Town
25Mick MortonHanley Town
26James PhillipsHanley Town
27Oliver PutnamHanley Town
28Daniel ReadHanley Town
29Tom RileyHanley Town
30Joel StairHanley Town
31Theo StairHanley Town
32Sean TurnerHanley Town
33Ethan CartwrightHanley Town
34James MelhadoHanley Town
35Michael EdwardsHanley Town
36David MacPhersonHanley Town
37Dominic KurasikHanley Town
38Ethan HartshornHanley Town
39Mitchell GloverHanley Town
40Matthew BallHanley Town
41Tommy Van Der LaanHanley Town
42Dan CopeHanley Town
43James PointonHanley Town
44Leigh SkellernHanley Town
45Danny TaintonHanley Town
46Mick MachinHanley Town
47Angelo ErricoHanley Town
48Sean MountfordHanley Town
49Jamie TurnerHanley Town
50Olly EdwardsHanley Town
51Ben BlowersHanley Town
52Michael ConlonHanley Town
53Nathan GriceHanley Town
54Karl MillerHanley Town
55Curtis PriceHanley Town
56Josh HallHanley Town
57Nick WardHanley Town
58Andy NichollsHanley Town
59Keiron BallHanley Town
60Ben LeesHanley Town
61Dwayne SpenceHanley Town
62Lassana SidebeHanley Town
63Mark GroomHanley Town
64Jamie SkellernHanley Town
65Taylor AttrellHanley Town
66Matt GermanHanley Town
67Daniel ShelleyHanley Town
68Kartel O’Neil-MartinHanley Town
69Michael KeatesHanley Town
70Lewis GrocottHanley Town
71Nathan JonesHanley Town Reserves
72Phil ParkesHanley Town
73Sean MallinHanley Town
74Curtis EvansHanley Town
75Nathan Chinn ShawHanley Town
76Arron JohnsHanley Town
77Gareth TweatsHanley Town
78Joe DonaldsonHanley Town
79Callum TunstallHanley Town
80James LindopHanley Town
81Lewis SalmonHanley Town
82Richie ShanklandHanley Town
83Jon BarrassHanley Town
84Dan HughesHanley Town
85Matt BellHanley Town
86Jack WatsonHanley Town
87Ben RowleyHanley Town
88Ryan DickerHanley Town
89Sam HatiHanley Town
90George MealeyHanley Town
91Lee WilshawHanley Town
92Doug PriceHanley Town
93Charlie GoldstrawHanley Town
94Dave HarryHanley Town
95Ben Chapman (GK)Hanley Town
96Kyle StubbsHanley Town
97Charlie WalfordHanley Town
98Carl Dickinson-
Bootle (A) 03/08/19Josh Bristow (1)
Whitchurch Alport (A) 05/08/19Tim Sanders (1)
Leicester Road (H) 10/08/19Josh Thorpe (1)
Litherland Remyca (H) 17/08/19Martin Stanyer (1)
Winsford Utd (A) 19/08/19Joel Stair (1)
Eccleshall (A) 31/08/19Joel Stair (2)
Ashton Athletic (A) 07/09/19Josh Thorpe (2)
Coventry Sphinx (A) 14/09/19Tim Sanders (2)
Barnoldswick Town (H) 21/09/19Tim Sanders (3)
Rylands (H) 28/09/19Aaron Woolrich (1)
Northwich Victoria (A) 05/10/19Josh Thorpe (3)
AFC Mansfield (A) 12/10/19James Phillips (1)
1874 Northwich (A) 15/10/19Jake Alcock (1)
Squires Gate (A) 29/10/19Mick Morton (1)
Longridge Town (A) 21/12/19Aaron Woolrich (2)
Congleton Town (H) 26/12/19Oli Mellor (1)
Northwich Victoria (H) 04/01/20Aaron Woolrich (3)
Runcorn Town (A) 12/02/20Whole Team